Print, Copy and Scan

Read on for instructions on how to access print, copy and scan services at Brønderslev Bibliotek.

Print from your own PC

Follow the instructions on the page (language may be altered in the top right corner of the page) and take note of the code provided after your payment has been processed; you will need this code to release your print job at the copy machine.

Print at Brønderslev Bibliotek

Print at Dronninglund Bibliotek

Print at Hjallerup Bibliotek

Print from a mobile device or tablet

  1. Install the Princh app for iOS or Android
  2. Open the document and share it with the Princh app
  3. Choose printer-ID:
    Brønderslev: 103583
    Hjallerup: 103584
    Dronninglund: 103585
  4. Select your print settings
  5. Pay by creditcard, MobilePay or ApplePay
  6. After your payment is processed, you will be shown a four digit code that must be entered on the tablet by the copy machine to release your print job.

Print from a library PC

  1. Open the document on the PC
  2. Select print (if the settings on the program are in Danish, click on "udskriv")
  3. Alter print settings in the pop-up window as needed and click "print"/"udskiv" to accept
  4. Pay on the PC, using a credit card or Mobile Pay
  5. Note down the four digit code provided after your payment is processed; you will need this code to release your print job at the copy machine.

Prices per page

A4 black-white: 2 kr.
A4 color: 5 kr.
A3 black-white: 4 kr.
A3 color: 10 kr.

Please Note:

Release your print job within 24 hours

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You MUST release your print job at the copy machine within 24 hours of your payment, or the job will be cancelled and your payment returned (which may take up to 3 days).

No USB-Port Access at the Library

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As of April 21st, 2021: For security reasons, all USB-port on public PCs have been permanently closed off to protect our users and prevent the installations of keyloggers. To access private files, you will need to use a cloud-based solution (Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, etc.) or access your files by mail.

Print from home

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You can print from home from your own computer. Follow the instructions above for how to print from your own PC and remember the code to release your print job at the library later. The code has to be used on the tablet next to the printer at the library. The code appears on your screen after payment.

Fee to use MobilePay for payment

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If you decide to use MobilePay as your form of payment, an obligatory fee of 1 kr. will be added to your total.

Payment options limited at certain locations

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As of June 1st, 2023: It is no longer possible to pay by cash or credit to the staff at Dronninglund Bibliotek and Hjallerup Bibliotek.