Loans and Reservations

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding loans, renewals and reservations at the library.

Loan Period

Most materials  have an automatic loan period of 28 days. 

The return date of any material will be noted on the loan receipt. It is your responsibility to return the material on time.

Receive Reminders

If you provide an email address or mobile number during your registration as a library patron, you will be notified two days before the return date of your borrowed materials. Note, however, that you are always responsible for returning loans on time, regardless of whether you receive a reminder or not. We do not take responsibility for spam filter settings, wrongly sent text messages or other technical issues.

You can always ask to no longer receive text messages or emails from us by contacting our staff, or altering your settings online.


If you cannot find the material you're looking for on our shelves, you may reserve it online or by contacting one of our staff members. You will then receive a message from us, when the material is ready for pickup.

Ordering Materials Online

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It is possible to reserve/order materials in the library's database via the internet. You may search for and reserve materials via the nationwide library database, This also goes for materials that are not located at any of our local library branches. Remember to select your local library as the pickup location for your loan, or ask one of our staff members for help.

Ordering Materials on the Bibliotek App

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It is possible to reserve/order materials from the national library base via the Biblioteket app. The app is fairly easy to navigate, and will guide you through the process. Please note, that the app descriptions are primarily in Danish.

The app will also let you know if the requested material is available in alternate formats, such as e-books and audio books.


If there are no reservations on the borrowed material, the loan can be renewed up to three times (ie. for a maximum of 84 days). Loans can be renewed in person at our help desk, per phone, on the website or in the Bibliotek app. 

Note: Loans cannot be renewed earlier than seven days before their return date, and the new loan period will begin from the date of renewal (NOT added on to the end of your original loan period).

Registration of Loans

All loans are registered in the library datebase for the duration of your loan, but are deleted as soon as you return the material. In accordance with current register regulations, no data regarding concluded loans or the loan history of any user is kept for longer than 14 days. Please note that our staff are bound by confidentially and may not inform any person or entity about your loans without due cause.


The library assumes no responsibility for damages caused to the borrower's own hardware or software in connection with the use of borrowed materials such as films, games and CDs.