Here you will find information about Brønderslev Biblioteks's registration and disclosure of information, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Brønderslev Bibliotek records and discloses information only to those public authorities, private companies, etc., that are legally entitled to the information or who collaborate with the Leisure and Culture Administration. At Brønderslev Bibliotek, we handle your information in accordance with the Library Act (LBKG 2013-01-30 No. 100), the Act on Library Services (BKG 2013-01-31 No. 103), the Data Protection Act, and the General Data Protection Regulation (European Parliament and Council Regulation 2016/679, Articles 6(1)(a-f) and 9(2)(a-j)).

Brønderslev Bibliotek deletes the information when the retention period expires, and any archiving requirements have been met. Once the information is archived or deleted, Brønderslev Bibliotek no longer has access to it.

You have the right to know what information Brønderslev Bibliotek has about you, and you can request at any time that outdated or incorrect information be corrected or deleted.

What do we know about you, and what do we use it for? We need certain information from you, to register you as a library patron. In short, this information is necessary to keep track of the materials you borrow, enable you to use our website and self-service machines, and contact you regarding reservations or returns.

The library's administrative system, Cicero, stores the information. When you use the website, you can log in to view and edit some of your personal information, which will automatically be updated in Cicero also.

Physically, the information is stored in secure data centers in Denmark, and access to it from Cicero, the website, and self-service machines is via encrypted lines.

What information does Brønderslev Bibliotek keep on you?

Below you will find specifications regarding the data we have access to when you use the library. For more detailed information, see the library's privacy policy here.

Patron Identification Number: A randomly generated number used by Cicero to identify you. 
CPR Number: Used to fetch your address from the CPR register and update it automatically if you move. Necessary for borrowing materials. 
Absence Period: A period during which you do not want reservations fulfilled. You can set this period via the website. 
Name: Your name as it appears on your health card. 
Date of Birth: Used to calculate fees and ensure you are old enough to borrow certain materials. 
C/O Name and Address: Current contact address. 
Phone: You can provide multiple phone numbers, both landline and mobile. The latter is used to send SMS notifications about reservations and return deadlines. You can update your mobile number via the website. 
Email: Used to send emails about reservations and return deadlines. You can update your email address via the website. If you subscribe to one of our newsletters, your email will be used for sending it. To unsubscribe from a newsletter, click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter. 
Blocked Date: The date when the block was activated. 
Block Reason: The reason you cannot use the library, typically due to fees or a stolen library card. 
Patron Group: Determines how long you can borrow materials and whether you receive reminders or fees. 
Affiliated Branch: The location where you will pick up reserved materials. You can change this via the website. 
Municipality Number: Your residential municipality, used for statistics and to indicate if you can use our online media. 
Language: Danish or English. Determines whether the system sends messages in Danish or English. 
Patron IDs: Lists the various cards you can use to borrow materials, such as your health card or an official library card. The associated PIN is always anonymized. 
Internal Note: Can only be seen by staff and is used, for example, in connection with blocks or if a lost health card is kept at the library. 
Note to Patron: Printed on the "statement of account," sent regarding overdue materials. 
Loans: Your current loans. Your loan history is deleted 30 days after return or settlement of the account. 
Reservations: An overview of your reservations. Deleted when a reserved material is loaned to you or the reservation is canceled. 
Outstanding Fees: Indicates if you owe fees or bills. Deleted 30 days after settlement. 
Messages: An overview of sent SMS and email notifications. All information about borrowed materials is removed from messages after 30 days. 
Registration of Children and Young People: Children and young people under 18 must be registered by a guardian through the library's website. The guardian will be held financially responsible for any lost or damaged materials registered to the minor.

Municipal GDPR Councellor:

You can contact the GDPR Councellor regarding your rights under data protection legislation. You have the right to complain to the Data Protection Agency about Brønderslev Bibliotek's handling of your information. For more information about the role of the GDPR Councellor, visit

The Municipal GDPR Councellor in Brønderslev:

Mikkel Mose Baltsersen
Brønderslev Kommune 
Ny Rådhus Plads 1
9700 Brønderslev
99 45 54 55